Monday, 16 February 2015

Andre van Duin: Sambaballensamba

These days it is once more carnaval in the Netherlands, which resulted in numerous party song type hits in the past (meezingers, sing-alongs). The level of most of these hits is 0-1/6 for me, but they are an important part of the decade. I have selected three that I can stand. Here is the second. Andre van Duin from Rotterdam was the decade's most popular TV comedian, who also scored 12 top40 hits in the 70s (and another 27 in the next decades). Many of his successes were hits during the carnaval period, such as the Sambaballensamba, which is full of double entendres. But fun.

Year: 1975
Charted: 6 weeks
Top position: 4
My score: 4/6